dal 30 gennaio al 4 febbraio 2024

Galileo’s Trial

Freely inspired by the life and work of Galileo Galilei, the show revolves around the scientific issues and great mysteries of our time. Physicist and philosopher of nature, Galileo is considered the father of modern science. Both his scientific contribution and his recantation have given rise to a long wave that has reached us: a big bang whose expansion is now manifested in its most realized and problematic form. “Processo Galileo” is composed of three stories, three moments united in a single performance.

A prologue set in the historical past where the recantation takes place: the words of Galileo’s trial in 1633, with its characters and language, serve as a starting and irradiation point for the various themes at play – the relationship between science and power, tradition, conscience.

A present in which a young woman, a mother and intellectual, is called upon to narrate for a popular magazine the new paradigm that science is currently posing; the family grief she is processing causes a short circuit with the dialogues she has with a scientist and his mother, forcing her to undertake a broader journey that questions her worldview.

A future in which every realism crumbles and the characters become the voices of a diatribe against a Galileo who is no longer seen as the defendant in an ecclesiastical tribunal but as the spokesperson of a historical and cultural process that has indissolubly linked scientific research to technical capability, forever merging the idea of progress in society with the power of its technological devices. Galileo’s telescope thus becomes the instrument of a revolution that, initiated in the 17th century, propels the world into a future that is in many ways unsettling. Three sequences that, with different languages and modes of expression, investigate the fates and questions of the contemporary world and what we now call modernity.

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di Angela Demattè, Fabrizio Sinisi
drammaturg Simona Gonella
regia Andrea De Rosa, Carmelo Rifici
con Luca Lazzareschi, Milvia Marigliano
e con (in ordine alfabetico) Catherine Bertoni de Laet, Giovanni Drago, Roberta Ricciardi, Isacco Venturini
scene Daniele Spanò
costumi Margherita Baldoni
progetto sonoro GUP Alcaro
disegno luci Pasquale Mari
assistenti alla regia Ugo Fiore, Marcello Manzella
assistente alla drammaturgia Marzio Gandola
produzione LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura / TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa / Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT – Teatro Nazionale | in collaborazione con Associazione Santacristina Centro Teatrale

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